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Burlington NC


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Cheryl Massey MaryKay
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Beautiful Designer Concrete Fences...

High Quality and Many Unique Styles...

Contact Gary McLeMore  757 717-8932

     eMail:  gnmclemore@Cox.NET

below:  Plank Style w/Lattice Top 

below:  Brick Style

below:  Block Style 001 


below:  Block Style 002



Massey Redi-Mix


Learn About Efficient ALGAE
for Bio-Fuel / Ethanol....


   (Second ALGAE Project^



(Superb Carvings

eMail for Info On Carvings)


MasseyRedi-Mix  Order Concrete

Massey Red-Mix Concrete  Order   FREE Shipping 1-3 miles

  $125.00 yd.